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Translation services in Portugal

A new partnership to accompany our customers even further

Living in Portugal Consultinghas set up a partnership with a freelance translator who puts his skills at your service. 

This translation service in Portugal is not reserved exclusively for our clients. Our partner offers its services to all French speakers who need to have official documents translated or who wish to be assisted by a neutral and independent translator, for example when you visit a property or open a bank account. 

Have a neutral and independent translator accompany you

For example, when you go to the notary for the purchase of your primary or secondary residence, you must be assisted by a translator, or when you make appointments with a bank Portuguese (for the negotiation of a loan for example) or simply to open your EDP and water subscriptions. 

Use our freelance translator in Portugal

Our partner offers you three types of assistance

Verbal translation

You do not speak Portuguese and you are about to sign official documents such as a notary act or the statutes of your future company or even for the opening of a bank account or a request for financing. If you need a translator who will assist you during these steps, this formula is made for you. 

Simple translation

This formula consists of a literary translation of your official documents (sales agreement, work contract, commercial contract, etc.). It is a simple translation that cannot be used at a notary's office or your bank in your country of origin. 

Certified translation

This formula is the most complex, our freelance translator will take care of the literary translation of your official documents (sales agreement, work contract, commercial contract, etc.). These translations will then be certified by a lawyer.

The language barrier and misunderstanding can be detrimental to you at the time of committing to an official act. Don't be afraid to have a translator accompany you. 

Customer service

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