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Corporate taxation

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If sales are less than €50,000.00 a year. 

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VAT exemption under intercommunity VAT arrangements

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Social security contributions in Portugal. Possibility of exemption 

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In recent years, Portugal has become the ideal playground for entrepreneurs and foreign freelancers alike. Economic conditions are also favorable for business development on European soil.

For many years now, Portugal has been positioning itself as Europe's new Silicone Valley. You've decided to settle here and make a living from your work, and now you're ready to do just that. create a company in Portugal. You also have a lot of questions:

"Is corporate taxation more advantageous in Portugal than in France? "What legal form should I adopt? "Can I freelance in Portugal?

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Corporate tax has also been reformed (January 1, 2014). The latter has promoted Portugal to the rank of the most competitive countries in terms of international taxation.

Corporate income tax

Under the 2004 reform, this tax applies to both resident and non-resident companies. The criteria of residence and/or origin of income determine its scope.

Tax rates

The taxable amount for IRC taxpayers is, as a general rule, subject to a tax rate of 17%* for companies domiciled for tax purposes in Portugal. This rate corresponds to the general tax rate.

* Since 01-01-2023, the tax rate for companies with sales of less than €50,000.00 has been reduced from 21% to 17%.


This indirect tax came into force in Portugal on January 1, 1986, in application of the legal system based on the European Directive of May 17, 1977 ("6th Directive"). This establishes the common VAT system in the countries of the European Union. The tax operates in the same way as in France.

Tax benefits of IRC

The Portuguese tax system offers a number of tax breaks, notably under the simplified regime.

These grants come in various forms, from tax credits to reductions in council tax and stamp duty. They also include tax exemptions. Tax incentives are also available to encourage new businesses to set up within the region. country.

What legal form should you choose to set up a business in Portugal?

You're ready to carry out your professional project and set up your company in Portugal. However, you don't know what the best legal form for your company will be! Vivre au Portugal Consulting also provides you with information on the different legal forms available.

Sole proprietorship

Empresario em Nome Individual
The entrepreneur carries on the business alone, in his own name. He personally manages and controls the business.


Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas
As a result, this legal form is very similar to the French EURL, requiring a single shareholder. This may be a natural or legal person. The company is managed by a manager, who may or may not be a partner. The manager must be a natural person.


Sociedades por Quotas LDA
The LDA is the most widely used legal form in Portugal. As a result, this legal form is very similar to the French SARL. A minimum of two partners (individuals or legal entities) are required. The company is managed by one or more managers, who may or may not be partners. These must be natural persons.

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Our company will enable you to set up a company in Portugal, with its articles of association signed before the Portuguese authorities and its intra-Community VAT number.

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Since 2015, our team has strived to support our customers with professionalism and dedication in the realization of their projects. Our expertise and constant commitment to their success have enabled us to forge lasting relationships of trust with each and every one of our customers.

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Managing the problems faced by foreigners wishing to develop a business in Portugal. 

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A Portuguese company up and running in just 3 weeks. 

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Our services include a complete package: 1-year direct debit, bank account opening and accounting follow-up.  

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Frequently asked questions and answers

We offer two options for setting up your structure: either a one-person structure with a single partner, or a limited liability company (LDA) with several partners.

Please note that this service is reserved for people over the age of 18 and with tax residence inside or outside the European Union. 

It is important to note that the country does not communicate information to other countries concerning the setting up of an establishment by one of its residents on its territory. Your privacy and personal data are therefore protected.

Despite a banking ban or the inability to manage an establishment in France, it is possible to set up a company in Portugal and operate in France, Belgium or other countries. The country offers attractive tax advantages and a favorable environment for setting up your company. What's more, the tax authorities in your country of residence will not be notified of the setting up of your commercial establishment. 

You can set up a company with a share capital of 1 euro, but we recommend a minimum share capital of 500 euros.

It is important to note that the share capital must be paid into the establishment's bank account before the end of the financial year.

Our offer also includes the opening of a bank account for your establishment and a personal bank account with one of our partner bank. Please note that the Portuguese tax authorities do not allow you to open a bank account with a neobank .


Legally and technically, you can set up your company here, while living in France, Belgium or any other country. What's more, your company's profits in Portugal will not be taxed in your country of residence. We therefore strongly recommend that you seize this advantageous tax opportunity for your entrepreneurial project.

In fact, our offer also includes obtaining an intercommunity VAT number.

Don't worry, we also offer a tax domiciliation service in the beautiful city of Lyon. Porto city. This service also includes digital mail forwarding for more efficient management of your business.

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