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Health service in Portugal

Health in Portugal

Health services in the PortugalThe National Health Service provides social security services. In addition to the public service, there are of course private health institutions.

In Portugal, modern care units are present in all hospital departments. Geographically distributed throughout the country, of course the main international insurance companies are affiliated with the care services.

In order to welcome foreign patients as well as possible. The care services have set up bilingual (English - Portuguese) reception and accompaniment services to facilitate exchanges.  

Who to contact:

If you need to use the National Health Service. You can get medical assistance at the health center where you are located. In serious cases, you can use the emergency services of hospitals. In case of an accident or emergency, call the Emergency Number European 112.

There is also an information line that can answer your questions about health - Health Line 24: 808 24 24 24

health service in Portugal

Health insurance

Good to know: If you are retired, you can transfer your health coverage.

If you do not receive a pension or income in your new country of residence, there are two possible situations

  • Your pension comes from another EU country: you are then covered by the health insurance system of that country;
  • you receive a pension from several EU countries. You are then covered by the health insurance system of the country where you were insured the longest.

If you fall into one of these two categories. You will need to obtain a certificate of entitlement to health benefits.

You and your family members are only entitled to full medical coverage in your country of residence. Some countries also offer full medical coverage in their territory to retirees living abroad. But they are affiliated to their social security system.

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