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Antonio Costa, resigns

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa has announced his resignation after being implicated in an investigation into corruption and illegal interest-taking. The announcement comes hours after his chief of staff and one of his ministers were charged and taken into custody, and a search was carried out at his official residence. António Costa.

IRS reform

OE2022, IRS reform for youth

The 2022 state budget proposal makes several reforms to the IRS for young people (IRS Jovem), providing that it will be granted automatically, that it will cover income from self-employment and that it will be applied for five years instead of the three years initially planned when the measure was launched.

public services in Portugal

End of appointments in public services in Portugal

It's about time, since more than 1 year we had to make an appointment to access the different public services in Portugal, which had as a consequence to lengthen some steps. According to the decontamination plan covid-19 approved by the Council of Ministers the access to the different state services will be without appointment from today.

Portugal has no money

Portugal has no money to pay business aid

At the time of the government's announcement of the containment measures, the Minister of the Economy announced that various measures were being put in place to support companies that would have to close as a result of the containment, except that the state coffers are empty.

minimum wage increase

Portugal ready to finance a minimum wage increase

The government is considering the possibility of covering part of the increase in the minimum wage through the state budget. This measure, which involves covering part of the single social tax (ISU), corresponding to the increase in charges linked to the 30 euro increase in the national minimum wage, will be financed by the state budget.

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