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Every year, Portugal attracts more and more visitors from all over Europe. So why not visit us?

Portugal, a beautiful country

Having his borders Portugal has had a well-defined, parliamentary-democratic system of political stability for almost nine centuries.

Portugal has been a member of the European Union for 26 years, is part of the European Monetary System and uses the single European currency. According to the World Bank, Portugal is the 43rd-largest economy in the world, with one of the world's best performing economies. GDP growth rate over the past 40 years among OECD countries.

Portugal is the 17th most peaceful country in the world, out of a sample of 153 countries (Global Peace Index 2011), and ranks 32nd out of 182 countries ranked by Transparency. (Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 ).

The climate

On the whole, we have mild winters and hot, dry summers. Did you know that the number of hours of sunshine reaches 3,300 in the south of the country and 1,600 in the north, the highest figures in Europe?

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are friendly and welcoming. They know how to welcome all visitors, whatever their origin. In fact, they come from all over the world, as the country is located on the west coast of Europe, and is therefore a gateway to the Schengen area. A large proportion of the population can speak foreign languages, particularly English.

expatriation to portugal

Portugal in a nutshell

  • Population: 10.5 million, including 2.6 million in the Lisbon region
  • Country size: 92090 km2, with 850 km of coastline
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Religion: Catholic for the vast majority of inhabitants
  • Safety: 18th most peaceful country (Global Peace Index 2014)
  • Time zone: 1 hour less time difference with France
  • The main cities are : Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Setubal and Faro.
  • Portugal has been a member of the European Union since 1986.
  • Annual GDP: 153.6 billion Euros (2013 figures - Source Pordata)
  • French community in Portugal: an estimated 50,000 French people live in Portugal (2017 figures)
  • 20,000 French people are expected by 2018.

In 2010, the Euroepan Consumers Choice Awards named Lisbon (the country's capital) the "Best Destination 2010", and in 2011 it was voted one of the 42 best cities in the world for quality of life in the Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2011.

Cost of living: 

In reality, it's difficult to give an accurate indication of prices in Portugal. They vary according to the season, the city and the neighborhood. Let's just say that if you live like the Portuguese, buying your fresh produce in the markets earlier than in the supermarkets, and avoiding imported brand-name products, life in Portugal will seem cheap.

Overall, the cost of living in Portugal is lower than in most other European countries (around 30% less).

According to UBS (Prices and Earnings 2010), price indices are proving attractive:

  • Power supply: 68.2 (index: New York = 100);
  • Clothing: 53.3 (index: New York = 100);
  • Services: 67.9 (index: New York = 100);
  • Public transport ticket : 0.80 (approx. 10 km journey);
  • Restaurant: € 40 (3-course dinner in a quality restaurant).
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