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Portugal, launches ATGO an application for the self-employed

The Tax Administration has announced the launch of a new application for independent who have chosen simplified accounting. It is called "ATGO" and aims to simplify compliance with tax obligations and to provide useful information on the professional's activity.

The " ATGO " application allows you to manage your professional activity at the fiscal level.

The ATGO application simplifies the fulfillment of your tax obligations and provides useful information about your business", we let you watch the video below to better understand this new service. 

According to the information presented in the app description in the App Store, this new app allows: 

  • Issuance of invoices, receipt invoices or receipts;
  • Cancellation of invoices, receipts or receipts;
  • The creation of templates linked to the issued documents;
  • Vouchers ;
  • Classify/reclassify expenses. 

In practice, it is an application for mobile devices that offers the user, in a single point of access, the possibility to perform operations and consult the data of the professional activity registered with the Tax and Customs Administration. 

ATGO, independent
ATGO application

In our opinion, this new application is a great step forward for freelancers working in constant mobility, thanks to it they will be able to edit their recibo verde from their cell phone directly at their client's place and thus be paid immediately. 

You can download the application on IOS and Google Play

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