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Aveiro laboratory city for new technologies

Aveiro also known as the little Venice is a city loved by touristsbut this one coexists with a digital test park.

Aveiro laboratory city for new technologies

The city of Aveiro has been home to a 5 km² digital test park, kilometers of fiber optic links, reconfigurable radio units, an experimental 5G network and numerous sensors for some time now.

The creation of Portugal's first living laboratory is one of the components of the AVEIRO STEAM CITY which is part of the Urban Innovative Actions.

No less than 16 km of fiber optics have been deployed as part of this project, which involves 34 companies in the technology and information and communication sectors. This development represents a total budget of 6.1 million euros, 4.89 of which were donated by the European Cohesion Policy.

During Tech Week, held from October 12 to 18 in Aveiro, the city became a showcase for applications in the fields of mobility, the environment and energy.

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