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Consumption in Portugal falls by 14 %

Last year, household consumption in Portugal was 14 % below the EU average, according to Eurostat data. This performance shows an improvement over 2018.

Consumption in Portugal falls compared to Europe

Portugal appears in 15th position, with an effective individual consumption of 86 % compared to the European average. Thus, Portugal is 14 % lower than the European average. At the bottom of the table we find Bulgaria (59 %), Croatia (66 %) and Hungary (67 %). The Eurostat also reveals that only nine Member States have a level of material well-being above the European average: Luxembourg (35 % above average), Germany ( 23 %), followed by Austria (18 %), Denmark (16 %), Belgium (15 %), the Netherlands (14 %), Finland (13 %), Sweden (12 %) and France (9 %).

consumption in portugal

Eurostat has also carried out an analysis of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and an indicator of economic activity, concluding that last year the GDP per capita of 10 Member States was higher than the European average, with Luxembourg leading this table being again 61 % above the average, ahead of Ireland and Switzerland. Portugal appears with a GDP per capita 1 9 % below the EU average.

consumption in portugal

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