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Massive exodus of French people to foreign countries

It's summer, time for vacations but also for expatriation. This is what the results of two recent studies conducted by RANDSTAD and reveal.

Poor economic prospects, limited career progression, more and more French employees are willing to leave France. This trend is not limited to executives. If a high degree of qualification represents a significant guarantee of success in an adventure abroad, more and more French people of all backgrounds are willing to take the plunge.

A survey published by RANDSTAD suggests the following figures:


Has France become a land of exile? 50% of those surveyed say they are ready to leave today to find more favorable conditions elsewhere.

At the European level, France ranks 5th among the destinations most affected by this exodus phenomenon.

However, it is worth noting that the majority of expatriate candidates are in fact only a small number of individuals.

Beyond a certain age, our compatriots are less and less reckless. It is true that many retirees take advantage of the tax windfalls offered by countries like the PortugalHowever, people in their forties and seniors are cutting their ties with France in a moderate way. The most worrying fact is the massive proportion of young expatriates who are growing.

Many ambitious millennials are fleeing at high speed to new lands. And their numbers keep increasing year after year.

According to, there are 28,000 French people under the age of 35 in the UK. Whatever one may say, the Brexit has not slowed down the ardor of young people in their choice for Great Britain. 14.3% of them preferred London as a priority, well before any other country. Spain and Australia account for 5.7% of intentions, the United States 5.3% and Germany 4.9%.


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