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Expatriation: which are the most attractive countries for tax purposes?

Malte, Antigua-et-Barbuda et le Royaume-Uni sont en tête des dix pays les plus attractifs fiscalement pour les revenus des personnes physiques. Le Portugal n’est pas en reste en se classent dans le top 5. 

While the level of personal income tax may not be the primary criterion for choosing an expatriation destination, it is one parameter that can tip the balance in favor of a particular one. To help future expatriates make up their minds, Bradley Hackford has published a ranking of the ten most attractive countries for tax purposes for personal income.

In addition to the tax rate, it is based on four other criteria quality of life, legal and physical security, the quality of the economic investment program developed by the local government to encourage investment by new residents, and the country's geographical location, accessibility, points of interest and quality of infrastructure.

1. Malta

The "non-dom resident" status offered by the island means that expatriates are taxed only on locally-sourced or locally-repatriated income. International income is therefore not taxed if they are not repatriated to Malta.

2. Antigua and Barbuda

More and more wealthy international investors are interested in the superb beaches offered by this small Caribbean country, but not only. No personal income tax at all is also a significant criterion of choice. The only constraint: to benefit from this exemption, you must subscribe to the nationality by investment program, which allows you to establish your residence on the island. This requires an economic contribution of $250,000 or a real estate investment of at least $400,000 in an approved program.

3. United Kingdom

Living in Great Britain entitles you to "non-domiciled resident" status. This allows non-British citizens to settle without being taxed on their non-local incomeThis applies for the first seven years of residence. A minimum lump-sum tax is payable each year thereafter.

4. Andorra

Just outside Barcelona and Toulouse lies Andorra, a small principality that offers a personal income tax rate of just 10 %. A minimum investment of 350,000 euros in the country and a deposit of 50,000 euros are required to obtain a residence.

5. Portugal

Non-usual resident" statusvalid for 10 years, allows you, under certain conditions, tobe tax-exempt in Portugal or benefit from a favorable tax regime depending on the type of income. Particularly attractive for retirees, it can also be of interest to people living on stock market income or corporate shareholders.

6. Mauritius

The main procedure for expatriating to Mauritius is to purchase a property on the island, approved by the local IRS program, with a minimum value of 500,000 dollars. At stake: a personal income tax rate of 15 % maximum.

7. Bahamas

Tax haven par excellence, offering complete tax neutrality for its residentsThe Bahamas continues to attract expatriates. To live in the Bahamas, an investment of at least $500,000 in local real estate is required to obtain a residence.

8. Monaco

To settle in the Principality, which offers its residents total tax neutrality for personal income - except for French nationals who continue to pay their taxes in France - you "simply" need to be able to demonstrate significant assets.

9. Bulgaria

Less exotic, Bulgaria offers "light" taxation with a tax rate of 10 % on personal income. The country is particularly attractive to young, active expatriates.

10. United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Moving to Dubai and setting up your company in one of the "free zones", where foreigners can own up to 100 % of your business, means you can take advantage of the following benefitsa double exemption The personal income tax rate is 0 %, as is the corporate tax rate.



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