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Towards a simplification of the tax system for French people abroad

2019 Finance Law for expatriates

This finance law for 2019 brings many positive changes for French expatriates, namely:
Real estate capital gains, new exemption for the main residence for NRL taxpayers leaving France. Would have 1 year to benefit from the exemption for the transfer of the main residence (at the latest on December 31 of the year following the transfer and the property must not have been made available. For free or for a fee, during this period)

Removal of social security contributions for non-residents established within the EU ...Until now, non French tax residents had to pay PS in France on their real estate income. The LF2019 plans to exempt them from these levies on the condition that they are affiliated to a social security scheme in an EU country.
Pinel: the device extended to non-residentsThe device is closed to French tax residents only. The LF2019 wishes to open the benefit of this Pinel regime to the French abroad as well.
Allowance of 150,000 € on the capital gain from the sale of a real estate property by a non-resident. This allowance should apply to the capital gain on real estate sale for 10 years after departure, whether or not it is rented.

Abolition of the withholding tax at a rate of at least 20%. This system would be replaced by the withholding tax, according to the same rules as for residents.
Extension of the 30% allowance for those benefiting from the impatriation law for intra-group returns.

We will have to wait for the final validation (end of December) before rejoicing!

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