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Launch of in the studios of TV5 Monde

At a time when French people are flocking to Portugal to invest or live, the bouquet announces the launch of its 12th web tv:

On October 21, sets sail for the sun, the easy way of life, a cost of living 35% lower than in France, tax advantages... In short, for the "Florida of Europe". is aimed at all French people (expatriates, retirees, entrepreneurs, etc.) who want to live, work or set up a business in Portugal, and of course at those who are already there.

The program for this new webmedia includes hours of videos to keep you informed on the spot, or to help you make the most of your trip.


Founded in 2009 and managed by French nationals (formerly Français de l'étranger), is produced by a team of JRIs based in France and abroad.

On www.francemonde21.tv12 web tv are online, and concern all those who wish to live, work or invest in the following countries:

- Usa,

- Canada,

- England,

- Germany,

- Switzerland,

- Belgium,

- Brazil,

- Asia,

- Portugal, (as of October 21, 2016)

Coming in 2017:

Also on, a web TV for foreigners who want to come to France, available in 8 languages (French, English, Spanish, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian)
www.asia21.tvavailable in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian and Korean

Finally, www.news21.tva media dedicated to international trade and mobility

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