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Porto elected best destination 2017 for the third time


Porto voted best European destination

Never before has the choice of the winning city been so unanimous: international travelers from 174 countries voted to select the city of their choice. Porto wins European title for third time (2012, 2014, 2017). Travelers from the U.S., U.K., France, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, Ireland and Canada ... voted Porto first in this competition.

Porto is exceptional in more ways than one. Its architecture, culture, gastronomy and shops will seduce you in more ways than one.

Voting results:

  1. Porto, Portugal
  2. Milan, Italy
  3. Gdansk, Poland
  4. Athens, Greece
  5. San Sebastian, Spain
  6. Sozopol, Bulgaria
  7. Vienna, Austria
  8. Stari Grad , Croatia
  9. Basel, Switzerland
  10. Madrid, Spain
  11. Rotterdam, New Zealand
  12. Rome, Italy
  13. Paris, France 



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