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Retirement in Portugal in 2020, the best destination

The country was elected by the International Living magazine as the best destination for living in retirement in Portugal in 2020, a result of the Global Retirement Index study, which each year lists the countries that offer the best living conditions for retirees to enjoy retirement.

The study, which analyzed 24 countries in 10 different categories, including cost of living, pension benefits, climate or healthcare, placed Portugal at the top in categories such as healthcare, climate and housing, and also ranked highly for respect for entertainment, socialization and development.

According to International Living retired can live very well in Portugal on around 2,500 euros/month, but if you choose cities like Porto, Lisbon, Cascais or the Algarve, the average budget should be around 3,000 to 4,000 euros per month.

A still very attractive real estate market

The rental and purchase market still offers a wide variety of options. Of course, prices soar in prime areas such as Lisbon and the surrounding area, the southern Algarve and Porto.

Simply widen your search area by about 20 minutes from the city you want to live in, and you can find a real bargain to match your budget.

Health services in Portugal

The study Global Retirement Index also rates Portugal's healthcare positively, pointing out that the country has some of the best doctors and clinical practices, healthcare is available throughout the country and health insurance, which also gives you access to private medical facilities, is affordable, starting at €40 per month.

Climate and safety

The study also talks about the country's climate, which is made up of cold, wet winters and hot, dry summers, with temperatures that tend to be hot, as well as technological and digital facilities. It should be noted that the country has invested heavily in digital technology, which has enabled it to have one of the largest fiber optic networks per inhabitant.

In terms of safety, International Living recalls that Portugal was ranked in 2019 to third position of the Global Peace Index, Portugal is a safe country.

This study on the best destinations for living in retirement has been run by International Living since 1979.

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