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SIMPLEX + 2018


The government will launch, as part of Simplex + 2018. A new "citizen card" for immigrants. Combining tax identification, social security and the national health system.

Meeting all the requirements of residents in Portugal is no easy task. Graça Fonseca explains to ECO that the government was going to introduce a new "citizen card" for foreigners who live in the Lusitanian lands. In the document published in Simplex + 2018, this new cartão de cidadão will include tax identification numbers, social security numbers and health service numbers (SNS).

When a foreigner takes the various steps to moving to Portugal. They have to apply to numerous state agencies to obtain their social security or health insurance number. However, according to the Secretary of State, this new card will considerably shorten the time and effort spent on the various procedures.

Could this new map add a degree of complexity and delay the process?

The Secretary of State rejects this conclusion and confirms that the measure presented, on June 6, 2018. Will have no impact on the various procedures already in place for authorizing "residence" rights.

Simplex is a program to simplify administration and modernize public services, launched in 2006 . In the last decade, these measures have helped to reduce the number of trips and waiting times, the government guarantees.
At the time of writing, it is still not possible to realize this new cartão de cidadão, we will keep you informed as soon as it becomes available.

At the time of writing, it is still not possible to realize this new cartão de cidadãoWe'll keep you posted as soon as it's available.


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