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Portugal has been the preferred destination for entrepreneurs and retirees for the last 7 years. Whether for tax reasons, for the attractiveness of certain markets or simply to enjoy a pleasant living environment. But to succeed in setting up a business in Portugal, it is necessary to respect a few rules.

For the last 7 years, Portugal has become the destination for startups.

Although things are simple, they still require some preparation. Entrepreneurs wishing to set up in Portugal are advised to quickly approach the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurship is central in the country and things are done to attract entrepreneurs, so these organizations are at their disposal to help them in their implantation.

As in every country, Portugal has its own requirements.

Beware of errors

It is essential that you have well matured your project before launching yourself in Portugal. Indeed, if the creation of a companyIt is very simple and fast, it is essential that you are as precise as possible from the beginning on the nature of your activities. Each modification is not free of charge and may take longer than the first steps.

Prepare your departure well

In order to succeed in setting up in Portugal, it is essential to take into account all the parameters, whether it is family (such as finding a school for your children) or the search for a housing for rent or purchase. Without forgetting your project itself.

Taking all these parameters into account will allow you to succeed in your implementation project.

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