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The French language in Portugal

An article by Portuguese academics was published in the newspaper Público to see that the French language in Portugal is on the rise.

The new generation speaks English very well and it has even become the second language of the country. Contrary to the "old ones" who practice relatively well the French language. It is around the year 89 that the French language in Portugal did not become obligatory any more in the school and the language of Shakespeare took the top on that of Molière.

In recent years, French has been gaining ground, particularly in the business world. Indicates an article published in the newspaper Público. It is signed by university professors from Lisbon and Porto, members of the Portuguese Association of French Studies.

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France, the leading creator of foreign jobs in Portugal

The article in question first indicates that the French-speaking community, visiting or living in Portugal, is important. It is estimated that there are 60,000 French residents, and their investments are significant. "France is the first creator of foreign jobs in Portugal", emphasize the authors of the tribune.

France and Portugal have signed language agreements in May 2019in this sense.

Currently in Portugal, 1,500 teachers teach French to 265,000 students, but the authors of this article plead for the number of teachers to be doubled. This could be the case in the coming years, since Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has made announcements this fall for the influence of the French language in the world, 25 million additional budget from 2020 and 1,000 more teachers.

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