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Self-employed workers without social protection can apply for assistance

Self-employed workers in Portugal without social protection can now apply for support under the government's measures to combat unemployment. Covid -19 in place.

Help for the self-employed in Portugal

This support is intended solely for self-employed workers who do not have access to a social protection instrument or mechanism, and was set up as part of the exceptional aid measures linked to the covid-19 epidemic, the Portuguese Social Security said in its press release.

It should be emphasized that self-employed workers in Portugal who intend to apply for extraordinary support must have a declared activity and self-employed status with the tax authorities, as the Social Security reminds us.


Until when can you apply for social assistance?

For the July period you have until September 13, for the August period you must apply between September 16 and 23, 2020.

In order to receive this assistance, you must remain affiliated to the Portuguese social security system. 30 months after the end of the grant, warns Social Security.

It was in July that MPs approved a proposal from the French Socialist Party (PS) to provide extraordinary support, payable between July and December, to self-employed workers with no social protection.

The aid will have a value equivalent to one IAS (Indexing Social Support), i.e. 438.81 euros, and is intended to support workers who find themselves in a "situation of cessation of activity as self-employed workers or workers on behalf of another (conta de outrem) who undergo a reduction or suspension of their activity or a decrease of at least 40% in the services usually provided".

To apply for this assistance, you must complete the form available online on the Segurança Social Direta.

It's true that for us French, it would be inconceivable to work without the social protection provided by our employer or the social status to which we are entitled. Things are very different in Portugal, and for those who haven't yet noticed, unlike France, Portugal is not a country for social welfare.

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