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Portugal, the French corner of paradise

50.000. This is the number of residents living in Portugal. Lhe tax measures voted in 2013, the climate, the safety, the quality of life, the search for new opportunities... Portugal is popular with the French. Our view on this ever-growing phenomenon.

Reasons for leaving

Our clients are delighted with the tax measure, and it is their primary motivation in their expatriation process. Even if the desire for a new life abroad comes into play. A few years ago, French people used to go to Morocco, today they go to Portugal.

The cost of living is about 40% lower than in France. Portugal is also an extremely safe country in the European Union. Portugal is ranked third in the list of the safest countries in the world and there is a tranquility of life, as our clients say.

When people retire, their purchasing power is greatly reduced. Moreover with the new reforms on the CSG things are not going to get better. By moving to Portugal for tax purposes, they find a certain amount of money that they can no longer claim in France.

Tax measures

This measure was initiated by the Portuguese government in 20013, which allowed to boost the economic activity in a local way. In order to benefit from this tax measure, you must not have been a Portuguese resident in the five years preceding your arrival in Portugal.

This tax deduction allows you to be exempted from income taxes received abroad. This reform does not only concern retirees who move to Portugal. It also concerns professionals.

The most popular places in France

Of course, some areas are more popular than others, especially in Lisbon and Porto. It is true that many French people with young children settle in the area around the French high school in Porto. But today, we see that they are settling just about everywhere. There is this logic of installation and permanent residence.

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