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Portugal's minimum wage should reach 705 euros

If this information is confirmed, the nominal increase in the Portuguese minimum wage would be the biggest since 1993 and the highest in 10 years.

Portugal's minimum wage should reach 705 euros

Negotiations are not yet complete, but the national minimum wage (SMN) is expected to reach nearly 705 euros, according to information provided this Thursday by the Jornal de Negócios. It should also be noted that the government is committed to raising the minimum wage to 750 euros by 2023. At present, the gross minimum wage is set at 665 euros.

UGT General Secretary Carlos Silva this month defended the Socialist government's obligation to raise wages and proposed that the SMN rise to 1,000 euros by 2028. The UGT has approved its proposed claims policy for 2022, which calls for pay rises of at least 50 euros for all workers in 2022 and the setting of the SMIC at 715 euros.

The CGTP has already announced that it will demand wage increases of 90 euros for all workers by 2022, and the setting of a minimum wage for all workers. SMIC to 850 euros, values which will serve as a guideline for inter-union collective bargaining.

Annual general collective bargaining between the government and public administration unions begins on October 4, a week before the State Budget 2022 (OE2022) proposal is presented to Parliament.

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Portugal's minimum wage is set to rise to 705 euros 2

The PCP has again proposed an increase in the minimum wage to 850 euros, and warned on Wednesday that there will be no postponement" to 2022 of the proposals registered with the EO for this year, and that the government must decide how it intends to "approach" the discussion.

The government is expected to present the Estado budget proposal for 2022 to Parliament on October 11.

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