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working in portugal

You've been on vacation in Portugal and have many beautiful memories. It's always a pleasure. To see that foreign tourists have enjoyed visiting Portugal.

Portugal's tax advantages are numerous. So attractive for a non-resident that you've decided to make it your home.

However, to make sure everything goes smoothly, take note of the following tips.

The Portuguese language

When you move to another country, learning its official language is the least you can do. You've probably met people who can speak English or French.

As a tourist, you've spoken to hotel receptionists, read multilingual menus, talked to cab drivers. Once you've settled in, you need to learn Portuguese.

If you need to go shopping at the supermarket or visit a government office, it's unlikely that you'll find someone with a good command of French. Not to mention that the documents provided by the administration are not translated into English or French.

Believing that everyone masters French or English is the first mistake..

Humility and open-mindedness

Nothing annoys the Portuguese more than an "affluent" foreigner who thinks he's entitled to everything. As a tourist, people working in the tourist industry will usually give you a big smile, but as a resident, that changes. You become a simple resident, and by definition you'll have to live and fend for yourself, just as you would in your own country.

Integration in Portugal

It's the least we can do. Getting to know the locals and talking to them goes without saying. Unless you prefer to cultivate theentre-soiIf you don't like it, you'll just be rubbing shoulders with compatriots who find Portugal "very beautiful" and the Portuguese "very nice", but who, deep down, don't give a damn about the country they live in (they're not all like that, but still). In that case, it's better to stay in your own country, isn't it?

working in portugal

Learn about Portuguese history, culture and society 

It's a sign of integration. Enrich your general culture doesn't hurt either. What's more, you'll have to learn to live with the tax system, the national health service and the red tape.


Living at the expense of the Portuguese state is immoral (though legal), because not only the Portuguese, but also your compatriots who remain in their own country, will continue to pay their taxes for you. Obtaining non-habitual resident statusThis does not exempt you from other taxes not related to this status.

Successful integration in Portugal is the key to a successful expatriation. If you think you've come as a savior, you're on the wrong track, and we can guarantee that your project is doomed to failure. You'll end up like many expatriates who return to France after 1 year, having failed to integrate properly in Portugal.

Of course, this list of tips is not exhaustive.

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