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Porto nominated for the most beautiful European destination 2017


Porto is one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations.

Porto's rich monumental and artistic heritage, its wine, its outdoor leisure facilities and its cultural life are just some of the reasons to visit Porto.

At any time of day, 365 days a year, Porto has a special charm for both first-time visitors and second-time visitors, discovering a city that is both modern and authentic.

In 1996, Porto's historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city spreads out along the Douro and the Atlantic Ocean, revealing incredible views. Porto is both contemporary and creative. This can be seen in its streets, architecture and monuments, museums, leisure areas, esplanades and shopping districts, which range from the traditional to the modern and exclusive.
Events enliven the annual cultural and sporting calendars, culminating in 'São João', the city's festival.

At night, Porto is transformed into a new and different city, with entertainment and leisure opportunities to suit all tastes, and excitement boiling over to fill the streets with energy and gaiety.

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