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Aid for micro-businesses can go up to 5000 euros

As part of the support measures put in place to help businesses cope with the economic situation, and as part of the recovery of micro-businesses. The government is providing non-refundable subsidies of up to 80 % for investments aimed at creating sanitary conditions suited to the pandemic.

Micro-business support of up to 5,000 euros

The government has launched a program to support the recovery of micro-enterprises. This program provides subsidies non-refundable going up to 80 %In addition, we have launched a new program, with amounts of up to five thousand euros, for investments aimed at creating sanitary conditions adapted to the pandemic.

The program is the brainchild of Nelson de Souza, Portugal's Minister of Planning (Planeamento). The aim of the program is to support business recovery in the trade, traditional commerce, restaurant and personal services sectors. The presentation was made on Saturday at a signing ceremony between the Confederation of Commerce and the Directorate General of Health.

According to Nelson de Souza, this program will provide micro-enterprises with a non-refundable subsidy of up to 80 % of the cost of bringing their business into compliance with health and safety standards, and may be retroactive to the date on which the first state of emergency was declared. The maximum amount of aid per company can reach 5,000 euros.

For the moment, the expenses eligible for this aid dedicated to micro-businesses have yet to be refined, including investments in personal protective equipment, whether for employees or customers, hygiene equipment, and contracts with cleaning companies. It would appear that this aid could also be granted to businesses that create services, such as home delivery services.

The process is intended to be simple and straightforward, with the Minister explaining that the application process will be "simplified". Payment will be made in two stages: the first payment (of 50 % of the amount invested) will be made directly to the company. The remaining amount will be paid only through a statement of expenditure made by the company and confirmed by the chartered accountant of the company.

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