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New social aid for the self-employed in Portugal

As you no doubt know, deconfliction began on Monday May 4 in Portugal, and this first wave seems to have gone well. As such, we would like to remind you that we have a procedure in place to receive you on our premises.

Unfortunately, some trades are still encountering major difficulties, and the Portuguese government has just introduced a new welfare scheme for the self-employed in Portugal, which is due to be voted on this Thursday at the Council of Ministers.

New social aid for the self-employed in Portugal

It's been around two months since the first plan to support businesses and the self-employed was launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this Thursday the executive is set to approve new measures to strengthen social protection for the Portuguese.

To date, some 100,000 companies have already set up lay-offs to avoid bankruptcy, and many parents have applied to the social security system for exceptional assistance to keep their children at home in the absence of school. The government has decided to go ahead and extend the benefits granted to self-employed workers, managing partners and trabalhadores informais. Unemployment benefit will also change.

For the first year of activity, self-employed workers are entitled to a social security exemption. For the time being, only those who have refused this tax advantage have access to "extraordinary" support. Given the impact of the pandemic on the national economy, this support will now be extended.

Extraordinary" support has been prepared for self-employed workers with at least three months of consecutive billings or six months of billings in the last twelve months. All self-employed workers who applied for the exemption from social security contributions, made available during the first year of activity, were therefore excluded from the support linked to the "extraordinary" scheme. Covid-19.

However, the Minister of Labor, Ana Mendes Godinho, and the Prime Minister, António Costa, have already indicated that the government will vote, this Thursday in the Council of Ministers, on a law to extend this aid to self-employed workers who benefit from exemption from social security contributions. For the moment, no amount has been communicated for this social aid for the self-employed in Portugal.

The terms and conditions have not been announced.

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