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Am I taxable in France if I live in Portugal?

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à vous poser la questions suivante. A savoir « ma retraite est-elle imposable en France, si ma résidence fiscale est au Portugal ? »

The "prélèvement à la source" (withholding tax), introduced in France since the 1er january 2019. This tax payment reform does not change income tax rules. Nor do tax treaties with foreign countries.

This reform does not affect the salaries or retirement pensions of non-residents taxable in France. For which there was already a specific withholding tax, which has been maintained. In addition, if the tax treaty with your country of residence states that your retirement pensions are not taxable in France. No withholding tax is due on these retirement pensions.

It's important to remember, however, that every tax and expatriation situation is different, even if it's true that a lot of information is available free of charge on Google. 

Keep in mind, however, that the information found on the Internet is generic and cannot correspond 100 % to your tax situation. Each person has a different personal and professional background (supplementary, disability, investment, etc.).

It's important to carry out an analysis of your tax situation before taking any steps, because after that it'll be too late.

To obtain a more precise answer to your personal situation, we invite you to contact our tax team.

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