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The austerity program under the supervision of the Troika resulted in a 78 billion euro loan, which did not help. Thus, young people left the country, the routing of a social policy saw the number of deaths of the elderly jump, the country was asphyxiated, disillusioned, no hope was imagined, the slow death was announced.

Since the last legislative elections in 2015, the Portuguese Socialist Party has been running the country with the support of the Communist Party and the left-wing bloc, both of which refuse to enter the government, but support it, and together have agreed to stop the national bleeding. Is Portugal out of the woods yet? Not really, the increase in the lowest salaries, the tax reduction for the weakest households, the help for the creation of companies has put a smile back on the faces of the Portuguese.

A paradise for investors and others

The new economic and industrial arrangements have attracted foreign investors in Portugalbenefiting from government assistance and a payroll of young graduates at low cost. Moreover, the "terrorist" shock in some Mediterranean countries has caused a loss of interest in tourism, which has benefited Portugal.

The same applies to the European pensioners who can settle in Portugal and be exempted from taxes for 10 years. Finally, the discovery of lithium in this country reveals that it will be an important producer of what is now called white gold in the future. All of these factors have helped the country to turn its fortunes around.

More today than yesterday, less tomorrow

Even if the horizon seems sunnier on the banks of the Tagus, certain problems still remain. As in Spain, Portugal faces, unfortunately, too many cases of domestic violence leading to the death of the wife. The customs having little evolved.

And the Portuguese as a whole, even if they are enjoying a little economic respite. They are no less mobilized to demand lower taxes on energy and VAT. For the moment, hope lies in the return of the exiled Portuguese youth. Who we hope in Lisbon, will return as soon as possible with a know-how that will enrich the world of employment.

No these are not a miracle

It is true that we can consider Portugal living this new boom today as a mirage made of political artifices. But why not also look at the glass half full, and think of the Portuguese miracle that could. Why not become an example for the other member states of the European Union, trying to get out of an imposed economic confusion at low cost.


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