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Managing partners in Portugal benefit from a new aid

Just like the self-employed workersThe French government is expected to vote on a new pandemic aid package on Thursday, allowing managing partners to breathe a sigh of relief.

Managing partners in Portugal are not forgotten

In the support program launched by the government at the start of the pandemic, there was no support for managing partners in the companies most affected by the crisis. In response to widespread criticism from the business community, the government quickly extended the support already offered to self-employed workers to managing partners with no employees and annual sales of up to 60,000 euros.

However, this measure was deemed insufficient by the President of the Order of Chartered Accountants, who pointed out that a large proportion of managing partners in Portugal remained without any kind of protection. On Thursday, the government will take a further step and approve a new extension to its current aid package.

This update, if we can call it that, will include managers of micro-businesses (with a maximum of 10 employees) and generating up to 80,000 euros in annual invoicing. According to the Minister of Labor, 190,000 people could be affected by this extension of the current scheme. However, it remains to be seen when this benefit will be paid out.

At present, support for managing partners in the Portugal has a maximum value of 635 euros, based on the calculation of remuneration received in February and declared in March, or in the absence of such remuneration, on the value of the social support index (438.81 euros).

In other words, if the reference remuneration is less than the value of 1.5 times the social support index, the support is equal to the amount of this remuneration, with a maximum limit of 438.81 euros. If the February remuneration exceeds these 658.2 euros, support is now equal to two-thirds of this remuneration, with a maximum limit of 635 euros.

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