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Investing in Portugal, it's possible to invest safely and correctly

You've been thinking about investing abroad for some time now. Whether you want to buy a second home, or invest in property in Porto.

Agence Luso-Française a real estate company based in Porto for the past 4 years, is the partner of choice for French people wishing to settle in Porto and the surrounding area. There are many opportunities for those wishing to buy in Portugal.

How do you decide to buy a property in another country, and these without the risk of being misled? Language and legal differences are all factors to be taken into account.

Portugal's real estate market: a highly competitive sector

The Portuguese real estate market competes primarily with the Moroccan and Italian markets. Portugal remains the most attractive, an Eldorado for new expatriates, thanks to an arsenal of advantages. The country's security (3rd safest in the world), its cultural proximity to France, not to mention its advantageous tax status for both French and foreign expatriates, make it an ideal choice for newcomers. for retirees than for investors.

Tailor-made support

  • What if you don't speak Portuguese?
  • What is the procedure for buying a property?
  • What taxes must be paid at the time of purchase?
  • What legal form do you need to buy?
  • Is it better to take out a loan in your own country or in Portugal?
  • Is the property you are about to buy fiscally sound?

The Luso-French real estate agency helps, assists and supports you throughout the process and beyond. In addition to their services, we advise our customers on the various tax advantages available to them.

You are the customer

Agence Luso-Française d'immobilier is made up of a team of bilingual professionals who master all the subtleties of the French language. Their networks of partners give them a detailed view of the market, enabling them to accompany you through the various stages of your purchase in Portugal.

Don't think of them as a traditional real estate agency, they put their customers (the buyer) at the center of their priorities. They make sure that the property you buy has no hidden defects, no foreclosures, no onus ...

As you can see, the best way to invest in Portugal is to surround yourself with the right people. To avoid this investment turning into a nightmare.

VAP Consulting

Our advisors are at your disposal

Hello and welcome to VAP Consulting. Our team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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