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The new Portuguese government loses its majority

Antonio Costa, who has just been re-elected, unveiled his new government a few days ago. Unlike his first term, this time he should not be in possession of the majority, we explain.

End of the majority in parliament

It was written in stone even before the results of the last legislative elections, the alliance put in place during the first term of the Prime Minister disappears without any possible return.

The gold of his first term (from 2015 to 2019), it was based on this alliance with the party on the one hand Bloco de esquerdaIt was an agreement that allowed the socialists to obtain a majority in Parliament in certain specific areas, which had been the subject of bitter negotiations. The agreement on the other hand had been also passed between the PS and the Communist Party.

The two far-left parties demanded, among other things, guarantees of an overall increase in the income of the Portuguese and an end to the austerity that had prevailed from 2011 to 2014, when Portugal was on the verge of bankruptcy and placed under international supervision. This agreement based on very fragile agreements could explode at any time. Fortunately for them it lasted 4 years.

The result of the elections of October 6 puts an end to the absolute majority for the PS of Antonio Costa.

The priorities of this Costa government?

As the Prime Minister has stated, it is change with continuity. The government is the same as the previous one, with a few exceptions, the new priorities of the Portuguese government are the development of investment, improving public services, minimum wage ...

However, some issues are likely to be chaotic, such as: health, education.

Portugal's economy returns to the forefront, Portuguese government wants to encourage small and large investors to undertake in the country. However, some files are going to complicate the infrastructure of the state, housing and the labor code will have to be addressed.

This new mandate for the Costa government is far from being a smooth one.

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