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The French are the leading investors in Portugal

According to APEMIP, the association of Portuguese real estate professionals, the French account for 26 % of investors in Portugal, well ahead of the British (18 %) and the Chinese (13 %).

This information has been confirmed by Athena Advisers, a real estate investment consultancy, which has observed a significant increase in demand for the Portuguese destination. According to its observations, 29 % of requests made since February 2016 for this destination were issued by French people.

The 2013 agreements between France and Portugal have enabled this destination to benefit from renewed investor interest, thanks in particular to the status of RNH (non-habitual resident) which allows expatriates to benefit from partial or total tax exemption for 10 years.

Portugal is considered by the French to be an attractive and affordable destination. Indeed, in Lisbon, the price per square meter is three times lower than in Paris (€2,800 vs. €9,000 on average), a trend also observed for prestige properties, where the price per square meter in Lisbon is €7,000 vs. €13,600 in Paris on average. As prices per square metre are very affordable, rates of return are among the highest on the European market: in Lisbon, a rental investment can yield 4.5 % gross annual rate of return, in 3rd place behind Amsterdam (5.25 %) and Dublin (4.6 %), while Paris yields an average of 3.6 %.


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