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The best countries to buy a second home

Do you dream of buying a second home abroad to spend all your vacations there? Here is a panorama of the best sunny countries to invest in without breaking the bank.

European Union countries

To ensure the success of your investment, you need to consider all practical, legal, financial and tax aspects. From this point of view, these 4 EU countries are particularly advantageous:

  • Spain ande Portugal are two countries not to be missed. They combine geographical proximity, a mild climate and the freedom to come and go. There's a huge range of second homes on the market: from apartments in the heart of a vibrant metropolis to villas by the sea, you're sure to find a style to suit you.
  • The small island of Malta is also attractive for its mild year-round climate and cultural diversity. Owners of a second home benefit from a lower cost of living 25% than in France, with a geographical proximity that makes Malta accessible under the best conditions.
  • Bulgaria boasts a number of seaside resorts that are attracting increasing numbers of foreign residents who come to enjoy the sea, the climate and the warm welcome of the locals.

The exoticism of a second home

Are you ready to be tempted by more exotic destinations? Taking all the usual precautions regarding cultural barriers and the legal constraints of each country, there are several opportunities to make a great purchase of a second home:

  • Morocco offers geographical proximity combined with a complete change of scenery. Well served by airlines, this French-speaking country is a favorite destination for many French people looking for a second home. They benefit from mild weather, a cost of living half that of France, and even tax advantages for some.
  • Thailand is also an attractive country in many respects. The property market for second homes is growing, but is still cheap by French standards.

Tips & Tricks

Once you've bought your second home abroad, why not consider making it your year-round home ? According to the latest official figures, over 1.3 million French retirees have taken the plunge. Their numbers have doubled in 5 years, with a sharp increase in expatriations to the southern countries of the European Union.

So don't hesitate any longer and entrust us with the search for your future property.


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