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The French abroad are currently excluded from most tax deductions. From which all taxpayers residing in France benefit. The LREM deputy Anne Genetet proposes to make them benefit from it and to remove some compulsory levies.

A report submitted this Tuesday to Edouard Philippe proposes measures to improve the situation of French citizens abroad. Deploring the rules "either of great complexity or unsuitable, sometimes even unfair or inequitable.

Prepared by the LREM deputy of the French abroad Anne Genetet. This report includes an important tax component. In particular, it suggests opening certain deductions for expenses and tax credits to "non-residents" living abroad, defending "greater tax justice".

Currently, these non-residents who pay taxes on their income received in France. Are excluded from most of the deductions available to taxpayers residing in France.

The report suggests, for example, to allow them to benefit from deductions related to alimony. To energy renovation or the so-called Pinel scheme. On the condition that the expenses concerned are made in France.

Another proposal. Eliminate the minimum tax rate of 20% from the non-resident scale "profoundly unfair to the lowest incomes". The report also proposes the "abolition of social levies". Such as the CSG on income from real estate assets, which is the subject of a European dispute.

Matignon supports "the major part" of these tracks

It is time to stop considering non-residents as potential tax exiles. And to make them pay for the baseness of a tiny fraction. On the contrary, the French abroad wish to be considered as full members of the national community. Anne Genetet points out.

In terms of social security. It also suggests slowing down the increase (+4.9% in 2018) in "Cotam", a contribution paid by French retirees abroad to be able to continue to receive healthcare reimbursements while in France.

In a press release from Edouard Philippe, Matignon expressed its support for "most of the objectives and improvements proposed in the report", particularly with regard to simplification.

He recalls the government's commitment to implement Internet voting for consular elections and the next legislative elections in 2022.

However, the Prime Minister is more cautious in his support for the tax component: "Some [proposals] may be reflected in the financial laws at the end of the year, subject to the consultations that the government will conduct in the coming weeks," the Matignon press release states.

Retired people abroad did not get a CSG increase

Always in this concern of equality between residents and non-residents. Another En Marche deputy, Sacha Houlié, proposes, him, in a note sent to Bercy to remove an advantage enjoyed by French retirees living abroad: the exemption from the CSG. "There is a real inequality between retirees in France who have suffered an increase in the CSG, which we assume and those who have not had it, non-tax residents, "says the deputy of the Vienne, reports the Echoes. To counter this "inequality", he proposes to increase the contributions of retirees from abroad. A measure that would become an amendment.


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