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Without IBAN the Portuguese social security will not pay the aid linked to covid-19

Since the beginning of the quarantine, the government and the social security system have put in place different aids for companies and employees who have seen their activity stopped since the beginning of the containment.

As such, the social security has just published a note indicating that without an IBAN it will not pay the aid.

Without IBAN the Portuguese social security will not pay you

The Portuguese social security, pays to companies and employees various aids since the beginning of the crisis of the civid-19, it has just published a note, to remind to the beneficiary of these aids of that if they do not indicate their IBAN in their account Segurança Social Directa.

We are very surprised by this press release, some of our clients who are recipients of health assistance and to whom we did not provide their bank account details at the time of their registration, have nevertheless received the assistance through a check from the CTT.

If in doubt, it is preferable that you indicate your IBAN.

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