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Portuguese government to launch StayAway

It's official: the Portuguese government will soon be launching its StayAway Covid application, designed to enable citizens to find out if there are any infected people around them.

StayAway Covid available August 7

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has given the go-ahead for deployment of the application, which has been designed to identify at-risk contacts with people testing positive for COVID-19. Unlike France, which has objected to using the API developed jointly by Apple and Google, the Portuguese application should benefit from this API. At the time of writing, validation is pending.

The DGS will be in charge of processing the personal data collected by the application. In this respect, the DGS points out that membership is voluntary and not compulsory.

The government guarantees perfect confidentiality and also that the StayAway app complies perfectly with the RGPD, it also states that the app only records contacts of more than 15 minutes with infected people.


At the moment, it's hard to know whether this application will be adopted by the majority of citizens, or whether it will enjoy the same success as in France, where the Stopcovid application is much criticized, as we shall be in the coming weeks.

For more information on this application and how it works, you can go directly to the site dedicated.

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