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Portugal, the preferred destination for retirees

retirement portugal

The site draws up its annual list of the best countries to retire in. Twenty-five countries in total were examined: the 25 most popular destinations for French retirees.

This year, a majority of French seniors planning to move abroad to live happily ever after chose the Portugal as the preferred destination, with an overall score of 65.15 out of 100, as revealed by l'Express. Its strengths, according to those surveyed? Accessibility and safety. Weak points? Real estate prices and cost of living. The second ideal destination would be Thailand (for cost of living and property prices, but with a downside on accessibility and integration. Finally, Mauritius 3 comes third, with its strengths (safety and natural heritage) but also its weaknesses (accessibility and infrastructure).

One senior citizen in three wants to move abroad

Next come Spain, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Bali, Senegal and Malta, which closes the top 10 with 60.65 points. The countries of Mediterranean Europe seem to be outpacing the Maghreb countries, which are grappling with geopolitical uncertainties.

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