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Portugal, undisputed winner of the WCA 2016


The Portuguese can be proud as their country was elected the Most beautiful country in the world at a gala evening in Lisbon on Sunday, January 10, 2016. The Portuguese people also won the coveted title of Friendliest people on the planet.

Over a hundred awards were handed out at the World Countries Awards 2016, the world's largest trophy ceremony. The Portuguese were particularly deserving this year, taking almost all the awards.

A historic success for Portugal

Backstage, the Portuguese did not hide their joy. " Surprised? not really. "commented just after the awarding of the Humblest people on the planet.

It should be noted that due to a logistical problem, only the votes of the Portuguese jurors could be counted; the Portuguese organizers assure us that the problem had no impact on the final result.

2016 WCA Awards

  • Most beautiful country in the world: Portugal
  • Most beautiful capital in the world: Lisbon
  • Best cuisine in the world: Portuguese cuisine
  • The friendliest people on the planet: the Portuguese
  • Funniest and smartest people on earth: the Portuguese
  • Most charming men: Portuguese
  • The most beautiful women: the Portuguese
  • The most humble humans on the planet: the Portuguese

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