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The Portuguese Real Estate Fair 2016 in Paris


You want to invest in a property in Portugal for vacations, to prepare your retirement, or to invest in a promising real estate project

The catchphrase is beautiful, isn't it? It is our duty as a tax expatriation professional to warn you of the misinformation that some professionals may be likely to spread. For example, by explaining to you that it is quite possible to buy a property in the heart of Lisbon for less than 100,000 euros, yes, we did say 100,000 euros. To believe certain Portugal is the third world, let us remind you that the real estate market in Portugal has grown by 15% in 2014 and 18% in 2015.

As an example:

For the acquisition of a house of 250 m2 on two floors with a garage, in one of the most beautiful areas of Porto count a budget of about 450,000 euros. This is 1800,00 euros per m2, we are only talking about Porto, the price per square meter in Lisbon is higher.

Contrary to what some people may think, the move to expatriation is by no means an easy one, it means that your life will change (especially fiscally) from top to bottom. Without forgetting that there are also constraints to avoid that your fiscal expatriation is questioned by the French government.

The Portuguese real estate fair will be held from May 20 to 22, 2016, it is organized by the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFP).

Entrust us with the search for your future property!

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