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The top 10 countries where you will retire

TOP10 countries to retire in

Like about one in three French people over the age of 50, you would like to spend your retirement in a different country? All that remains is to choose your destination, and that's no easy task! To help you, the website draws up its list of the best countries every year. Here is a preview.

Portugal This is the only word that French seniors say when they think of retirement in the sun. And the latest "Retirement Paradise Awards" will confirm this, since for the second year in a row, it has just crowned the country "best destination to spend your retirement abroad". As in 2015, the Thailand is in second place in this annual ranking. Mauritius, Spain and Morocco follow. 

Tax break in Portugal, minimum expenses in Thailand

Portugal benefited even more from this movement as it accompanied it with a favor tax explosive. Since 2013, retirees who move to France are exempt from paying income tax on their pensions for 10 years. Provided that these pensions are not from the civil service, and to be considered as fiscally domiciled abroad by France (which implies to reside outside the country at least half of the year and not to keep the center of its economic interests there). 

After that, Portugal is not the best deal in terms of cost of living. To drastically reduce your daily expenses, you should look at Thailand, for example. According to Paul Delahoutre's calculations, a retired couple living there spends on average about 40 % less than in France for everyday living (excluding housing and health) - it's about 20 % in Portugal. However, it is better not to be afraid of the geographical distance and the change of scenery to embark on the Thai adventure. 

"Mauritius attracts by its paradisiacal environment, its climate, its French-speaking population and its stability," says Paul Delahoutre. Finally, note that for the first time in 2016, Malta made its entry into the top 10. 



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