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Regressar program, extended to 2023

The regressar program, which aims to bring back to Portugal people who left the country during the 2007 crisis, has just been extended.

Regressar program extended to 2023

The regressar program will be in force until 2023, in accordance with the ordinance published this Thursday in the French press. Diário da República. The initiative has been extended due to the "great demand" it continues to have, according to the government.

In view of the fact that the regressar program was generating interest and strong demand, even in the current context of pandemic crisis and strong economic uncertainties. With around 3,000 people covered by the measure to support the return of emigrants to Portugal. The government felt it was essential to ensure not only that the policy instruments to be mobilized for the regressar program were strengthened, but also that it would operate effectively in Portugal's economic and employment recovery phase. For this reason, the government has decided to extend this tax advantage until 2023.

The regressar program

It aims to promote and support the return of emigrants to Portugal, as well as their descendants and other family members. The program was originally due to end on December 31, 2020. However, in view of the number of applications still awaiting processing, the Portuguese government indicated in November 2020 that it would be extended until 2023.

The decree-law also sets out to extend the program's coverage, in particular by ensuring that emigrants, their descendants and family members have access to measures to encourage business start-ups, as well as to measures to learn or improve the Portuguese language where necessary. This measure goes hand in hand with return assistance, which should be added for applicants who decide to create their own jobs.

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