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Portugal continues its drive to bring immigrants home. The government has just announced its intention to offer 6.500 euros to emigrants who decide to come and work in Portugal.

Since the beginning of the year, the Portuguese government has aimed to bring back all those who left during and after the crisis and have not yet returned to Portugal. Where the birth rate is very low and maintaining the population above 10 million becomes difficult.

In July of this year, the Programa Regressar will come into effect. This program is intended for Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking people.

The programa regressar is a shock measure to encourage the return of Portuguese emigrants. However, certain conditions must be met in order to qualify for this program. In particular, the fact that this aid is reserved for people who return work as a salaried employee.

The conditions of the Programa Regressar

This is an active employment policy designed to support employment contracts and not to help people come to Portugal to look for work. The Secretary of State for Employment, Miguel Cabrita, told the Publico newspaper.

The program is reserved for Portuguese emigrants who left before December 31, 2015, who have lived abroad for a minimum of 12 months, and who begin working in Portugal between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.

António Costa, estimates that about 1,500 people will benefit from the 10 million euros that the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training have made available.

Enpreender2020, entrepreneurs are not forgotten

Empreender2020, launched by the Portuguese Employers Association (AEP) and joined by the government in 2017. Provides consular support to locate potentially interested parties.

Enpreender2020, offers a meeting point between young people and companies who wish to hire them through a specialized Internet portal. This platform also offers assistance for people who want to create their own business in Portugal. Whether in the field of finance or consulting.

6500,00€ aid per family

The state has decided to offer a settlement bonus for Portuguese or Portuguese descendants who return to Portugal, as part of the programa regressar.

The objective is to provide financial support directly to migrants who return and start working in Portugal. 

The bonus will be distributed as follows:

  • An indemnity of 2614.56 euros will be paid directly to the migrant.
  • A bonus for family travel expenses of up to 1,307 euros.
  • The cost of transporting the goods can be up to 871.52 euros.
  • Upgrading of qualifications and recognition of academic degrees up to 435.76 euros.

In total, the Portuguese immigrants or descendants who return to Portugal can receive up to 6,500 euros.

As nothing is free in life, there will be certain obligations to respect in order to receive this aid. The Portuguese government will have the right to claim back part of this aid if you do not respect certain obligations such as:

  • If you terminate your employment contract before 12 months from the date of signing the employment contract.
  • If you are dismissed for gross misconduct.

The government sets up a line of credit

The Council of Ministers approved on Thursday the creation of a "specific credit line" for Portuguese emigrants who want to do business in Portugal. Via the programma regressar, announced the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.

To date, no information has been communicated on the amount allocated or the conditions for obtaining this "line of credit".

Strong demographic decline in Portugal

The programa regressar and Enpreender2020, were created after the Prime Minister's government recognized that Portugal was experiencing its greatest demographic decline in its history.

The low birth rate, with about 1.3 children per woman of childbearing age, and the increase in life expectancy. Which now exceeds 80 years are the main causes of the aging of the Portuguese population. Not to mention the brain drain during the crisis, poses problems on the state budget especially for the payment of pensions.

It is estimated that 23 % of Portuguese municipalities have more retirees than active workers registered with the social security system. With the new program. Including the decrease of 50 % of the IRS and financial aid of up to 6,500 euros. The Portuguese government hopes to bring back emigrants and integrate them in a sustainable way.

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