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Regressar program, the government changes the rules

The government has just modified the Regressar program to expand the universe of this public policy instrument. The objective is to facilitate access for Portuguese who wish to return to the country.

The regressar program, which aims to make return to PortugalThe people who left Portugal a few years ago, during the 2007 crisis, through more tax efficient.

The Portuguese government, has just enacted some amendments. Namely,

Alleviation of the regressar program

The government has eliminated the 90-day period between the time you sign an employment contract and the effective date of the contract. In addition, contracts entered into after the ordinance takes effect must be submitted no later than 60 days after the beginning of the employment contract.

The government also eliminated the requirement to provide, at the time of application, a document proving emigrant status issued by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular entity. Instead, it is sufficient to provide "other documents that unequivocally prove the situation". 

Portugal wants to bring back its compatriots

For the sake of fairness to potential beneficiaries of the measure who meet all the eligibility requirements and because they are not properly informed about this aid for return and integration in Portugal, the time limits are removed, which strengthens the scope of application of this law.

For more information, refer to the public order issued on Tuesday, Diário da República.

Please also note that the regressar program provides financial assistance of up to 6,536 euros. You can apply for this on the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training website

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