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Retirement abroad: in Portugal, the tax break

Portugal is the new Eldorado for French retirees. Tax-friendly, culturally close... the destination has it all.

This is undoubtedly the easiest country in which to settle. Home ownership is very similar to the French system. On the cultural front, there's no great upheaval either: many Portuguese speak French, so you should have no trouble making yourself understood... A word of advice, however: to truly integrate, make the effort to acquire at least a few notions of Portuguese.

A very welcoming tax system

The good news continues on the tax front: since January 1, 2013 and for a period of ten years, pensions of European private-sector pensioners are fully tax-exempt. Subject to certain conditions: spend 183 consecutive or non-consecutive days on site, and not have been a tax resident for the last five years. Last but not least, housing prices are 30 to 40 % lower than in France. It all depends on what you're comparing," explains Carlos Vinhas Pereira, President of the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For example, you'll get an apartment four times bigger in Lisbon than in the south of France for the same price."

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