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Finally, some good news after weeks of confinementPortuguese social security will pay 100% of salaries.

About a month ago, the mayor of concelho de Ovar placed the entire Ovar area in isolation. For over a month, citizens were forbidden to leave their homes, except to run errands or go to the doctor.

All businesses were forced to close, with only those considered essential able to remain open. For more than four weeks, employees were confined to their workplaces and unable to work at all, and as a result saw their pay cut or even disappear (especially for self-employed entrepreneurs).

After much debate, Portuguese social security to pay 100% of salaries

The news broke late yesterday, and it's all thanks to the mayor of Ovar, who fought for days to defend the interests of his constituents.

Social security guarantees that all workers residing in the municipality of Ovar who were unable to go to work due to the isolation, as well as those living outside the Ovar area who by definition could not work in their company. Receive 100% salary paid by Portuguese social security corresponding to the period from March 17 to April 17.

The mayor of Ovar, Salvador Malheiro, left on his Facebook account a message of public recognition, underlining that with this measure, "the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security has kept her word".

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