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Since the beginning of the containmentWe have seen that some companies are taking advantage of this situation to increase their margins, even to the point of increasing the price of gas in Portugal.

At the beginning pharmacies started to sell the gel at a totally excessive price that we even consider to be theft, there were so many abuses that the ASAE had to intervene and penalize dozens of pharmacies.

After this episode, it is the big supermarkets that take advantage of this unprecedented situation to increase the price of basic necessities, personally we find this behavior shameful, especially when many citizens do not receive any income since the beginning of the confinement. It seems that the Portuguese government is also fed up with this and is starting to make a fist.

The government sets the price of gas bottles in Portugal

The government has decided to regulate the gas cylinder market in Portugal after noticing an increase in the operators' margin, despite the decrease in the price of the raw material.

The government has therefore decided to proceed with the administrative and exceptional fixing of the maximum price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), known as bottled gas. This decision of preventive action is justified in view of the increase of the marketing margin practiced by the traders, in cyclic contract with the evolution of the prices of the derivatives on the international markets, specifies a communiqué of the Ministry of the Environment and the Action for the climate.

The ordinance establishing the exceptional and temporary regime establishes the setting of maximum prices for gas in Portugal (cylinder), has standard rates during the period of the state of emergency.

Gas prices in Portugal imposed by the government

  • 22 euros for the 13kg bottle of LPG Butane (type T3) -1 692 € / kg;
  • 22,24 euros for the 11kg bottle of LPG Propane (type T3) - 2.022 € / kg;
  • 81,05 euros for the 45kg bottle of LPG Propane (T5 typology) - 1,801 € / kg.

The initiative follows the historic drop in the price of oil, with an impact on road fuels, but which will not be reflected in the sale of gas cylinders. The gap between the devaluation of the raw material and the price of gas had already been denounced by the consumer protection association Deco.

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