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Portugal's 2022 state budget rejected by opposition

It is a real blow that the government is going through at the moment. Indeed yesterday the state budget 2022 was rejected by the opposition and therefore not voted. The consequences of its heavy and forces the President of the Republic to dissolve the government. 

Portugal's 2022 state budget rejected by opposition

On Wednesday, the government and opposition came together to vote on the 2022 state budget (OE2022). Parliamentarians rejected the Portuguese state budget by 117 votes to 108, with five abstentions.

António Costa and his government have failed to unite the opposition around this budget, which should force the President of the Portuguese Republic to dissolve the government and schedule early parliamentary elections within 60 days. 

The President of the Republicmet with the Speaker of Parliament on Wednesday evening to discuss possible remedies to this opposition. He made it clear that if the government and opposition are unable to agree on the 2022 budget, which he considers fundamental for the good of the country, he will have no choice but to ask the Portuguese people to vote in a new legislative campaign. A meeting with the various social players is scheduled for Friday, followed by a second meeting with the leaders of the different political parties. 

Barring a major surprise, Marcel Robela De Sousa should therefore proceed with the formal dissolution of the chambers, so that early elections could be held as early as January 2022.

Antonia Costa and her government are therefore living out their final days at the head of the country.

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