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Tax fraud: Informants can now be paid

In this way, the government hopes to combat more effectively French taxpayers with undeclared assets abroad...

Remuneration for tax whistleblowers is now authorized. Since April 24, a decree on whistle-blowers in the French Finance Act has allowed such experimentation for a period of two years.

The government's aim is to ensure a more effective fight against international tax fraud. "Many European countries pay these people", the text explains.

The text insists on the quality of denunciation

Any private individual (apart from civil servants) can report facts concerning a French resident with undeclared assets abroad to the tax authorities, reports the business daily. Les Echos. Bank accounts, life insurance policies, capitalization contracts and trusts are all concerned.

The text insists on the quality of the information. Whistle-blowers must report "serious and accurately described facts" to the tax authorities, "spontaneously and not anonymously". Serious and accurately described facts". "This information is likely to justify the start of an investigation to corroborate and verify the veracity of the alleged facts. In order to identify the fraud process and the tax implications", the decree states.

However, the text makes no mention of the amount of the remuneration. It will be up to the Director General of Public Finances to set the price of information of "fiscal interest to the State".


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