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How the government is preparing for deconfinement in Portugal

The exit from containment is being prepared and the Council of Ministers is preparing the deconfinement in Portugal after several weeks of containment.

The government prepares for deconfinement in Portugal

The Council of Ministers has announced which commercial sectors will resume their economic activities in accordance with the relevant health safety standards. Decontamination in Portugal will take place on the following dates: May 4 and 18 for the first two and June 1 for the last one. economic sector.

According to the Prime Minister, the purpose of Friday's meeting was to "test the planned hygiene standards so that everyone feels safe when work resumes".

All sectors of activity will have to set their own safety standards, which will then have to be validated by the Direction Générale de la Santé. These standards must all be able to be applied when leaving containment.

According to António Costa, the decontamination standards in Portugal will come into force 15 days at a time, the first on May 4, the second on May 18 and the last on June 1. However, not all sectors of activity appear to be included.

As a result, on April 30, after the Council of Ministers, the government will announce the activities concerned by the takeover, which will of course be subject to very specific rules.

António Costa declared that the executive's objective, with this phased decontamination schedule, would be to measure the health impact and ensure that the "full" resumption of activity in Portugal is feasible and allows citizens to work in conditions of low safety.

This meeting was also attended by the hairdressers' associationThis is the best way to study the "sanitary" rules that need to be put in place for both customers and professionals in the sector.

Antonio Costa, also reminded us that there will be no normality until a vaccine against the disease is available. covid-19 and that we all need to quickly assimilate the sanitary rules in order to limit any risks as much as possible.

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