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VAT, electricity, tolls in Portugal

The beginning of July brings several new developments, with the entry into force of measures already announced. These include electricity, which will be more expensive for some households, changes to VAT on e-commerce and the ban on single-use plastics.

VAT, electricity, tolls in Portugal, what will change from today


Electricity rates increase from today for national customers who remain on a regulated market, as a result of rising energy prices on the wholesale markets.

According to the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ESRA), this update of the tariff on the regulated market is 3%, compared to the current prices. This translates into an increase of about 1.05 euros in the average bill of a couple without children (with a contractual power of 3.45 kVA) and 2.86 euros for the consumption of a couple with two children (power of 6.9 kVA).


The new VAT rules for e-commerce and e-platforms come into force today, and one of the most significant changes concerns theVAT exemption for purchases outside the EU worth less than 22 euros.

In a news release this week, the European Commission stressed that the new VAT rules for online purchases are "part of efforts to ensure a more level playing field for all businesses, to simplify cross-border e-commerce and to increase transparency for EU shoppers regarding prices and consumer choice".


The 50 % reduction in the toll charge, applicable in every transaction, comes into force today for certain sections of ex-SCUT freeways, namely A17, A25, A29, A4, A41, A42, A28, A22, A23 and A24.

The freeway sections covered by this measure are in the Silver Coast concession: A17 - Mira (CL concession)/Aveiro Nascente, A25 - Pyramides (Aveiro Oeste)/Albergaria (BLA concession), A29 - Angeja/Maceda, A29 - Maceda/(A29/A44); in the Grand Port concession: A4 - Sendim/Águas Santas, A41 - Freixieiro/Hermitage (IC25), A42 - (IC24/IC25)/Felgueiras; and in the northern coastal concession: A28 - IC 24/Viana do Castelo.

The reduction of 50 % on the value of the toll charge also covers the sections covered by Decree-Law No. 111/2011, namely A22, A23 of the Estradas de Portugal concession; A23 of the Beira Interior concession; A24 and A25.


Goods vehicles, which until now have enjoyed total exemption from vehicle tax, will pay 10 % of this tax from today. This change follows an amendment to the ISV Code, published in April, which repeals the article granting non-taxability (total exemption) from ISV to light vehicles with a gross weight of 3,500 kg .

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