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End of mandatory telework in Portugal

Telework is no longer compulsory as of today, but is still recommended in Portugal. Four municipalities with an incidence rate above the limits defined by the Government are required to maintain it.

End of mandatory telework in Portugal

The second general containment, decreed at the beginning of the year to reduce the spread of the pandemic, led the government to impose compulsory telecommuting in Portugal throughout the continent, without the need to obtain the employee's agreement, and of course whenever the position was compatible.

At the most recent Council of Ministers meeting on June 9, and in light of developments in the pandemic situation, the government decided to relax this measure. As of today, telecommuting is no longer an obligation, but a recommendation.

The companies with more than 50 employees must organize entry and exit times on a staggered basis, guaranteeing minimum intervals of thirty minutes up to a maximum of one hour between different employee groups.

Only municipalities with an incidence rate of more than 120 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days (or more than 240 in low-density municipalities) following two consecutive assessments will maintain the compulsory teleworking scheme.

The municipalities affected by this restriction are: Lisbon, Braga and Vale de Cambra, which means that people who live in another municipality and work in one of these four will have to continue working from home, since the rule applies to the municipality where the company is located.

Teleworking remains compulsory for the immunocompromised and chronically ill.

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