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Portugal has become the destination where everyone wants to settle. More and more people are choosing this beautiful Iberian country for a variety of reasons.

People wishing to settle in Portugal include retirees, students and working people. For working people, one of the most important factors in their decision to move to Portugal is whether or not they can work there.

In this article, we'll look at salary trends in Portugal, covering a number of points that may help you if you're looking to work in Portugal.

Wages in Portugal are fairly low compared to other European countries. The minimum wage is 600 euros gross per monthThis has increased slightly since January 1, 2019.

Salary trends over the past 8 years

Year Minimum gross salaryIncrease in %

Source :

Average gross salaries in Portugal in 2017 according to Instituto Nacional Estatistica was €887. Depending on the region, this may vary, with an average gross salary of:

  • 1025.00 for the Lisbon region,
  • 835.00 for the North & Centre regions, 
  • 847.00 for the Algarve,
  • 825.00 for Alentejo.

Salary benefits

As in other European countries, and particularly in France, other elements are added to the salary, such as meal packages or bonuses. We have listed the most common salary benefits below.

  • Meal package (subsídio de alimentação),
  • 13èmeand 14èmemonths (subsídio de férias e de natal),
  • Target-based bonuses,
  • Attendance bonuses,
  • Transportation subsidies,

It's important to note that while wages in Portugal are still relatively low compared to our European neighbors, the cost of living is actually lower in Portugal. 

Lisbon and Porto, however, remain two cities where the cost of living has risen sharply in recent years, particularly in the following areas real estate. Note also that energy and telecommunications can be more expensive in Portugal than in France. So it's important to find out the cost of living in the city where you want to work, and compare it with the salary you'll be offered. 

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